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三國(7): 關羽之傲

關羽之人,羅貫中寫透了.中國人聽到關公,沒有不立大指的.義薄雲天,忠勇膽大,有武有謀.這種英雄,當然可以升天為神,被世世代代瞻拜.台北有個行天宮,拜的就是關公.香火鼎盛,信徒三拜九叩,絡繹不絕.但羅貫中筆鋒一轉.讓我們看到了關羽的驕傲.小時讀三國,看到這就摔書不看了.再讀,明白了三國的深刻. 劉備自封漢中王.曹操結東吳要滅他.諸葛瑾想和,所以來作媒,替孫權兒子取關羽女兒.結果一句”虎女不嫁犬子”,氣的孫權和曹操結盟.他一路打樊城,安排的不錯.水淹七軍,刀宰龐德,生擒于禁,威名大盛.但是很明顯的人才不足:通信線太長沒人監督,補給線太長沒人維持,最重要的是荊州沒有人守.被東吳呂蒙白衣渡江,偷了荊州.關羽補給線斷了,又腹背有曹操孫權.手下只有關平廖化兩將.沒戲了. 第一錯就是逼著孫權和曹操結盟.有個諸葛瑾不用,反而不斷的得罪孫權.這步錯了,別的都難圓. 第二錯就是沒想好”萬一”.一切的安排,都只有表面的第一步,沒有考慮安排第二防線.所以一敗就全垮.這就是大意失荆州.神武關雲長也只就只能說”玉可碎而不可改其白,竹可焚而不可毀其節”.死時年58. 孫權殺了關羽,逼劉備發兵,打破了三國的均勢,也開始了三國的結束.

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Symbolically speaking…

pa·tri·ot·ism devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country pro·tec·tion·ism practice or system of fostering or developing domestic industries by protecting them from foreign competition through duties or quotas imposed on importations. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid I think they … Continue reading

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5th Ave Theater: Les Misérables

Downtown Seattle has many active venues for performing arts. These places specialized for formats. Benaroya Hall is for classic and instrumental music; Paramount Theater is more for pop music, and occasionally musicals; 5th Ave Theater is pretty much dedicated to … Continue reading

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Spinward Fringe

The universe in the future were governed by several evil empires (called corporations) and many smaller independent entities similar to city states. The protagonists were very skilled and capable people that flew around galaxy like gun slingers of the western … Continue reading

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Foie Gras and Plastic Bags

Few months ago, I went to a restaurant called Playground in Santa Ana, California. It is a place customers pay to consume what chefs having fun making. Everything was artisan: beers, breads, desserts, and, of course, all the dishes. Waiting … Continue reading

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