About Sin-Yaw


Sin-Yaw Wang is a father of 2 daughters and husband to a beloved wife. He is a curious person with a keen interest in computer software. He has worked in silicon valley as a software practitioner since 1984. For three years starting 2005, he lived and worked in Beijing, China, to oversee an MNC’s (Multi-National Corporation) China engineering activities. He came back to Silicon Valley in 2008 and has lived in Seattle since 2010.

His software career began as an engineer in a start-up. Since then, he experienced large and small corporations, developing wide varieties of software products. He gradually shifted to managerial starting at 1992. Sin-Yaw has focused on operating systems and large system software development in recent years.

Sin-Yaw, with a heritage in FuJian, grew up in Taiwan and left the island in 1982 after graduating from Tamkang University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. In the US, he earned a master’s degree in Manufacuring Technology from Arizona State University in 1984. While working in silicon valley, he received master degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration from Santa Clara University in 1990 and 1997. He has no plan for more degrees.

王星耀有愛妻及二女,生性好奇,對電腦軟件尤其有興趣. 自1984年,他在美北加州執業軟件開發. 2005年起,奉派至北京三年,主持外企公司中國區的軟件工程業務. 2008年回硅谷. 2010年春遷居西雅圖.

星耀初於硅谷創投公司任軟件工程師. 後轉任大小公司,致力軟件開發工作. 1992起,逐漸轉入管理階層. 近年專攻操作系統及大型系統軟件開發領域.

星耀祖籍福建武夷,生於台灣. 淡江機械系畢業後. 1982年赴美深造. 1984年於Arizona State University得機械製造碩士. 硅谷工餘,在1990及1997於Santa Clara University各取得電算碩士,及企管碩士. 此後不再求其他學位.

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