Point Reyes

For decades I have lived in the SF bay area, and have never visited Pt. Reyes. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times I have crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. This reminded me of a native Beijing person in his late 30s who has never visited the Forbidden City. “I can go whenever I want, it is just right there.” Note to self, “live like a tourist.”

The drive was the main deterrent. We crossed the Golden Gate, then we trekked 90 minutes to arrive late at the lunch spot. This Inverness restaurant was cozy, friendly, delicious, and, yes, expensive. We pigged out on oysters and walked out 2.5 hours later and each about $80 poorer.

Pt. Reyes Lighthouse is at the west-most tip of this peninsula. The long descent down to the lighthouse was breathtaking with drop-off cliffs, expansive ocean, and, of course, the lighthouse at the end. The climb back took 308 steps, a good work-out. I imagined the lone lighthouse keeper in the old days climbing back and forth through the wind, rain, and whatever elements. Who would take the job?

On the way to the lighthouse are many “historical ranches” and an active dairy farm with cows grazing on the meadow. The cows seemed lazy and happy. Does that mean the milk tastes better, or the meat more delicious?

We skipped Muir Woods and made our dinner reservation. Excellent Margarita and Tequila convinced us that the choice was correct. Joanne Weir’s artisan Mexican foods helped. After dinner, we walked down the waterway and my brain played Otis Redding’s “Sitting on the dock of the bay.” The song wouldn’t go away from my head for a long time.

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