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The Great Wall (the movie)

In storytelling, there is the concept of genre rules. Stories must establish these rules early, else the readers/audience will assume the standard ones. In the movie Arrival, when they entered the spaceship, they found the aliens capable of manipulating gravity. … Continue reading

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Dark Side of Democracy

Sometimes, we have win-win situations. Sometimes, it is lose-lose. These are easy. We can dissect those win-lose ones further. If most win and few lose, we follow the utilitarian rule and sacrifice the minority. The flip side is the taxation … Continue reading

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The Undoing Project

I read several Michael Lewis: Liar’s Poker and Money Ball and liked them. What drew me to this one is the topic. I am a big fan of Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking: Fast and Slow. It is one of a very … Continue reading

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One Steakhouse less

Every year nears its end, as a local secret, downtown restaurants sell gift cards at deep discounts, usually in the form of extra, slightly restricted “bonus” gift cards. For example, buy $100 and get an extra $20 that must be … Continue reading

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Seattle and Coats

“Hey, it is snowing,” I shouted out. “That’s very nice,” came back the sleepy response. I reached into my closet, found the heavy water-repelling hoody, transfer the contents for the current coat like Wife changing her purse/bag, and left for … Continue reading

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Few SciFi books were about the difficulties of space migration. Most of them glossed over the biggest elephant in the room: faster than light travel. Einstein said that’s not possible. So we wish to expand beyond Earth, let’s pick a … Continue reading

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Interview Tricks for Old Job Seekers

The high-tech industry does not discriminate against the old. It is a hyper-competitive industry. The employers are pragmatic. They simply want the best value for their money. For that, old people usually are not a good deal. You, one of … Continue reading

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We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Books rarely surprise me anymore. A suspense, mystery, or SciFi could, and frequently do, surprised me with their plot or storyline, but fictions do not venture into an area that I have not been before, let alone not even thought … Continue reading

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One Month a Teetotaler

As the ball dropped at Times Square, everyone hugged and kissed, I finished the last drop of red opened for dinner hours earlier, the resolution began. I was to abstain from alcohol for a month. This was not the first … Continue reading

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Napa Country

December, 2016 I learned there is such thing called “palate capacity.” It is the number of good restaurants or wines to over-whelmed one’s ability to appreciate them. Napa country is where one discover his palate capacity and train to expand … Continue reading

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