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To Tip or not to Tip…

When presented with the bill in a recent dining event, I was surprised to see a “20% service charge” as part of it. “What’s this?”, I asked the waiter. “It’s the service charge.” “Like the tips?” “Yes, we split them … Continue reading

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Pirating Music

When I lived in China early 2000s, there was this ritual to visit the DVD stores that cater nearly exclusively to the expat community. They were like DVD rental place with an extremely excellent collection. Prominently featured were the new … Continue reading

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Day trip to Xi’An (from Beijing)

You have a spare day while you are in Beijing. You are in the mood for an excursion that is a bit adventurous. Think Xi’An, the city that is a couple of thousand years older than Beijing, home to the … Continue reading

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Mobile Payment

It is like the Internet frenzy all over again, all those companies chasing eye-balls by pouring tons of money into the venture. Who is going to pay for all the the infra-structure, R&D, marketing, and the rewards? During the Bubble, … Continue reading

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Switching to Mac

This MacBook Pro arrived. First time in my life, my primary computer became a Mac. For decades, there has been this teasing back-and-forth among us PC people and them Mac guys. The verbal jousting and teasing aside, I have always … Continue reading

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3 Days in Paradise

Imagine a camp site fire pit, where you gather up to tell stories and watch ambers glows warmly and spewing smokes up to the sky. Now imagine that pit 10 times the size of a football field. On our way … Continue reading

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Intimacy with the Asphalt

“Oh, sh*t!” There was a loud scream from my right. A blink later, that same screamer was talking to me, concerned probably more for himself getting into trouble than my health, “Sir, are you alright?” I found myself half sitting … Continue reading

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Steeplechase Race

James Madison, president #4 for the US, lived at Montpelier, VA. It was a fine estate — rolling meadow, probably over a hundred acres. And there is an annual horse racing early November: Montpelier Hunt Races. Fall, on the US … Continue reading

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On Nuclear Energy

President Obama formally rejected the Keystone pipeline project, a controversy among Canada, the US economy, energy independence, and environment. No wonder he waited till the last year of his presidential terms to make up his mind. The viable alternative, however, … Continue reading

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(Pretend to) Learn Cooking

Among corporate team building themes, cooking is a popular one: everyone must eat (and drink) anyway, the skills involved are manageable, everyone can contribute and must collaborate, and it is not really work related. There are also many professionally trained … Continue reading

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