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The Paella Experiment

I am frequently in awe of Wife’s palate, much to her annoyance. She would literally whip something together and it just taste great. When I plastered her with questions on the theme of “how did you know it will come … Continue reading

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Double Defections

After decades, I abandoned FireFox and submitted to IE. Yes, Microsoft finally won. On my Windows 7 with various desktop protection things installed, FireFox stopped working. I Googled and found many users experienced the same. The only fix seems to … Continue reading

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Occupy (Hong Kong) Downtown

Sigh… Last year, Taiwan’s college students occupied the congress and demanded things. I think they achieved success. I did not follow up. This year, Hong Kong kids are doing the same, occupying the most active commercial district of Hong Kong. … Continue reading

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The Big Drought

The great drought of California is a surprisingly easy problem to solve. Price! Since the drought, the price of water for farmers went up 10 times to over $1000 per acre-foot (that’s one foot deep of water to cover an … Continue reading

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Apple eclipsed Intel on the opening day of IDF (Intel Developer Forum), announcing iPhone6, AppleWatch, and Apple’s mobile payment. Intel’s nerdy executives, this year, boasted Core™ M CPU. Most in the audience cannot hide the boredom. We knew that fancier … Continue reading

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Taiwan’s Food Safety Crisis

A large, strong-branded, everything-certified-by-the-government manufacturer of cooking oil was caught. They imported “feed grade” lard from China and Hong Kong, bought used cooking oil from restaurants, mixed in pure lard, and sold them as if everything was fresh and top-graded. … Continue reading

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All Souls Trilogy

Deborah Harkness is a historian and a writer. When she ventured into fiction writing, she got an “instant” success. Yes, after many books of more obscure topics and limited audience. All Souls, I believe, was her first mass market fiction. … Continue reading

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The Elusive Software Requirements

All textbooks told the developers to begin with the requirements, the more exact the better. Based on the requirements, the developers write the functional spec. In the typical situation of not getting the requirements in time, the developers frequently make … Continue reading

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Yet Another Monument in China

The 2008 Olympics marked nearly the end of the great monuments rush of China. Beijing’s Olympic Park, the “Bird’s Nest” stadium, and the “Water Cube” swimming stadium are the pinnacle of those monuments. The new airport terminal, T3, was the … Continue reading

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好些年前來蘇州過,重點是貝律銘設計的博物館,稱是一代大師的閉門作. 幾個園林古鎮當然也看了. 感覺蘇州是個可順道一遊的地方,而不是個重點目的地. 從南京去上海,不如加一站蘇州,頗理想的. 夏天的蘇州,中午時無風酷熱,汗流不停. 過一陣子清風帶著雨意吹來, 然後一劈雷,大雨傾盆. 我搶著雨前晃逛完了平江路. 說來也頗豐盛,先吃個臭豆腐,逛了”耦園”,吃個小吃午飯,再聽聽”彈唱博物館”的節目. 跳上個公交車,一路回酒店. 先沖個涼,再看窗外雨景. 彈唱博物館的巷口有個小吃叫”弄堂口”,居然有自釀黑啤,來了一扎,配上小籠包. 一人邊吃邊看鄰座遊人. 也自得其樂. 博物館今天的節目是說書,我興匆匆買張”狀元座”,結果是蘇州話,我一字聽不懂. 但是發現看他說書也很有娛樂性. 表情豐富,語調上下,不時還離座手腳表演一下. 我傻瓜聽書,還邊聽邊笑呢! 在耦園看到個對聯,上聯”耦園住佳耦”,下聯”城曲築詩城”,橫批”枕波雙隱”. 這多幸福啊! 這園是清朝個按察使修的. 一宅二園,故名”耦”. 出差行程中多了一天,在蘇州晃晃. 決定正確!

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