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Paper Money

This is my second Ken Follett (after Hammer of Eden) and I am adding his other books to my queue. He published this book in 1977. The version I read included a new preface that was quite entertaining to read … Continue reading

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How to do Beta?

To have high enough confidence that the product will be good enough. When company thinks they are done with the development of a new product, be it a new car, kitchen detergent, lipstick, or a piece of software. They would … Continue reading

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Olympic Penisula

Few people realized that Seattle is probably more than 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean. On her west is the magnificent Olympic Mountain that, on clear days, I can see from my balcony. The snow capped shines brightly in the … Continue reading

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Should I try to become a CS major?

Got a question from a frosh in UCLA. It turned into an email conversation. Q: As of right now, I am studying Math/Econ, but I was also considering pursuing Computer Science along with math because I feel like it is … Continue reading

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Droughts are Political Problems

California and Taiwan, two places that are close to my heart, are both suffering severe drought this year. Governor Jerry Brown is imposing mandatory water reduction. Taiwan is rotating water supply: two out of seven days will have no running … Continue reading

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The Dinner

Two brothers went to dinner at an obviously high-end restaurant in Holland. Paul clearly dreaded this event and arrived early with Claire, his wife. A while later, his brother, Serge, arrive with his wife, Babette. What, someone wrote a book … Continue reading

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Caramelized Onion

First time, I sautéed and “blonded” them. Second time, it worked and they are delicious. I like onion, whichever way to eat them. I eat them raw, mixed in with salad, onion soup, or whatever. Last time I had a … Continue reading

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A Beijing Traffic Experiment

When T3 came alive before the 2008 Olympics, going to Beijing International Airport was a breeze. Hop onto the Airport Expressway, zip through sparsely occupied lanes, and you arrive at the majestic Terminal 3 in about 30 minutes. The most … Continue reading

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An Alternative to Uber

In China, nearly nation-wide, there are many apps for taxi services. The two major players are 的的 (Dee Dee) and 快的 (Kuai Dee). As a passenger, you enter the destination and pick-up location to request a taxi service. All nearby … Continue reading

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Imitation Game

Alonzo Church first came up with Lambda Calculus, an obscure branch of mathematics that deals with the manipulation of symbols. Pretty much at the same time, Alan invented the (Universal) Turing machine, an ingenious construct that manipulates symbols with programs. … Continue reading

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