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Leave for the memories

A couple of hundred young engineers met me in 2005 in Beijing. The expectations were high: they needed to grow up fast to take on intense and difficult software development projects, working for leadership positins that were 16 hours away … Continue reading

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打開台灣電視,所謂新聞節目,就是一小時的罵!罵得狠,罵的絕,就有人稱快。於是各台分邊,輪流開罵。選舉後,馬英九成了過街老鼠,所有人罵的最佳標的。慘哪! 台灣有複雜的中國情結。老蔣時代,培育了對立仇恨,美麗島造就了獨立的激情。以前他們是"水深火熱中的大陸同胞"。今天是我們一步步的被邊緣化,眼看就要被經濟統一了。台灣像是小時候的模範生,長大了發現吊尾巴的留級生混的比自己好一萬倍。見面時太太尷尬,無法面對。兩千萬人中一半"寧死不屈"不為五斗米折腰,另一半想他們是白癡。 台灣還有許多可愛的地方:精緻的文化,禮貌的百姓,溫曛的服務,一流的高等教育。錢是跟人的,戰略地位,也是人做出來的。台灣的罩門是分歧:南北,藍綠,世代,府院,獨統,窮富,官商。其實分歧是人的本性,舉世皆然,只要協商而不對立,不同的意見是正向的。 協商的基礎是信任。下次碰到個"對方",別開罵,想想他們的觀點,有商量的餘地嗎?罵只是一時之快,只有破壞性。再罵,這島就沒了!

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Employee Turn-Over

Employees leave for greener pastures all the time. I learned a couple of the ex-employees quickly left where they went for: Amazon. They were starry-eyed to join this prominent employer in Seattle. “That’s not surprising at all,” said someone at … Continue reading

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A Time to Kill

On one of my many trips, I noticed John Grisham’s new book. I am really never a fan for legal thrillers, or John Grisham. But I knew he’s famous and never read any of his works, so I searched. Clearly, … Continue reading

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Detox from Laptop Addiction

I relish the offline time on the plane (to an extent). I would write programs, clear out my inbox, do presentations, or compose my thoughts into words. The epiphany is that those are transient works. Things really get “done” when … Continue reading

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The Soul of A Chef

I am not a talented cook. In professional speak, I don’t have a good palate. What’s a “good palate?” I live with a very talented cook. She knew what go together, what do not. She knew how much to season, … Continue reading

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The Paella Experiment

I am frequently in awe of Wife’s palate, much to her annoyance. She would literally whip something together and it just taste great. When I plastered her with questions on the theme of “how did you know it will come … Continue reading

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Double Defections

After decades, I abandoned FireFox and submitted to IE. Yes, Microsoft finally won. On my Windows 7 with various desktop protection things installed, FireFox stopped working. I Googled and found many users experienced the same. The only fix seems to … Continue reading

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Occupy (Hong Kong) Downtown

Sigh… Last year, Taiwan’s college students occupied the congress and demanded things. I think they achieved success. I did not follow up. This year, Hong Kong kids are doing the same, occupying the most active commercial district of Hong Kong. … Continue reading

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The Big Drought

The great drought of California is a surprisingly easy problem to solve. Price! Since the drought, the price of water for farmers went up 10 times to over $1000 per acre-foot (that’s one foot deep of water to cover an … Continue reading

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