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How Clean Is Your Drinking Water Supply?

Portland, Ore., dumped 38 million gallons of drinking water because of a urinating teenager. That teenager’s pee added about 0.01 PPM (part-per-million) of pollution to the water supply. That more than 200 times less than the allowable amount in drinking … Continue reading

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Discovery Park

I can only hear my own foot steps. The soft and soaked dirt squealed on my every steps. The sounds were delightful to this lone walker. I knew the physics of the sounds, but cannot help thinking the trail is … Continue reading

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Foundation Trilogy

I cannot believe that I never read Foundation Trilogy. I have been an Asimov fan forever and read many of his works. Well, they were indeed master pieces. For historical references, Asimov originally wrote the Foundation Trilogy as “Foundation“, “Foundation … Continue reading

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How to Lock SmartCar with Disconnected Battery

SmartCar has a curious design. There is no way to lock the car without using electricity. The key is a standard remote control one that can be used to lock, unlock, or open the trunk gate. Like all other cars, … Continue reading

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Taipei’s Sunflowers

March 29th, 2014 One of the best features of this hotel is the jogging path. It is close to the “Freedom Square” (used to be known as Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Park). I enjoy the run around the perimeter and come … Continue reading

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Lasagna, an Adverture

Kids, and many, knew that I love watching cooking shows. They also knew that I am a theorist, not a experimentalist, of culinary arts. For that matter, I am not even a good enough critic. Heavy smoking during my youthful … Continue reading

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An Episode…

March 11th, 2014 Woke up early, it’s a sunny day in Seattle. Dealt with email, luggage was packed last night, I headed for the airport. Wife has been in California for the past two weeks. Yay! I was about to … Continue reading

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Professor Samuel Cate Prescott, (picture from MIT) published the “Report of an Investigation of Coffee” in 1927 and definitively described how to brew the perfect cup of coffee in 3 simple steps: Use one tablespoon of freshly ground coffee for … Continue reading

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Dear Terry

Dear Terry, You said that you had lost passion for your job and had been thinking of quitting. In various meetings, you would lose your concentration and drift away. You are not learning much and don’t care to figure out … Continue reading

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Rancho San Antonio

January 25th, 2014 This is probably the favorite hiking destination for those in Silicon Valley. It is also where Kid chooses to run up to the vista point on Saturdays, that weekend with her old Dad. Start at the trail … Continue reading

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