Life is full of filters

An epiphany came when we were cleaning our dishwasher, after almost 10 years of blissful neglect.

GE engineers failed me. To clean the dish washer, I needed to remove the top rack first. That required two plastic stoppers with the instructions from a YouTube search. After the top rack, I needed to remove a feeder pipe, the bottom sprayer, and the main water conduit. Then, I needed to pry out the waste basket which is also the locking mechanism for the mesh. I wouldn’t be able to do this without consulting the internet multiple times. And the taking apart was the easier part.

Underneath the mesh and sprayer was gross stuff matching the TV show “The Dirtiest Job.” There were brown greasy clumps, brown-black caked layer on surfaces, and hard mineral fused on whatever. An hour or so of hard scrubbing later, the reassembly process started. That took only 10 minutes or so.

We trial-ran the dish washer with a cup of vinegar on the top shelf, facing upward. Then re-ran it with glassware and mugs. They were spotless. Yay!

Life is full of filters. Wherever a filter exists, there must be a way to clean or replace it. You can simply spray clean your screen window. You will discard your coffee filter. You drive to a mechanic to replace one or several filters in your car.

I sincerely hope you have a better dishwasher than my 10-year old GE Profile. I urge you to check it today, and wish you the best.

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