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Does it really?

Is recycling paper really more ecological? To recycle paper, used paper must go through some pretty intensive chemical processes that pollute heavily. In the meantime, people would plant less trees since demand decreases. Maybe the total number of trees would … Continue reading

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Innovator’s Solution

Clayton Christensen’s book, in 2003, made the word disruptor into every managers’ vocabulary. Innovator’s Dilemma depicted the inability of a successful company to escape its own trap. The very things that made it successful are exactly the ones that will … Continue reading

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Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Wall Street Journal’s provocatively titled article stirred up such a storm. I got several direct emails and numerous forwards, one of them a comment from Melanie on my blog. Most of my American friends asked, “Is it true? Did you … Continue reading

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Studio Vino

Where are the mysteries of wines? When I swirled it in the glass, held up the glass against the light, sip and tasted it. I didn’t really think about them. I have a general understanding on how wines are made, … Continue reading

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Fee for Services

The story began when she was 15. At that time, she has been bed ridden for six years. Summers were scorching hot and winters bitterly cold. The parents cannot afford the $1,500 operation that will close the hole in her … Continue reading

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eReader chosen

A little more than a year ago, I said no to Kindle. At that time, I have a stack of books next to my bed. I wasn’t going to switch before finishing them. Many things changed in this industry this … Continue reading

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