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Indy 4

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Steven Spielberg 22 May 2008 Why do I watch this? Cause I must! I just have to watch all Indy movies. After all, it is Harrison Ford, how bad can it … Continue reading

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44% Pay Increase

Wow! I will be quite happy with much less.

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先看基础篇,再往下读。记住:成功不在点子,而在执行能力。全世界都能看这博志,你赢在更好地执行能力。没错,别妄自菲薄。再去读一遍基础篇。如果你准备好了,你一定行,也一定会赢。 中国的最大机会是教育。我们有求知的民族性,但改革开放忘了教育。全中国还在以15年前的方法教学。中国在世界舞台的成就,全靠好学的民族性,及惊人的淘汰率。太太可惜了。如果好好做,可以提高全国生产力十倍以上。 办学从高中做起,全国招生,集中生活。高学费,但给充分的补助。只要资值好,一切可以减免。目光放远,学生的成就,日后会有无限大的回收。 现代中国,有无穷无尽的机会。除了我写的五篇,还能做法律咨询,旅游,等等。要下海的,招呼我一声。

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Bangalore’s Decibels

Forgot to clear the alarm clock, I woke up at an ungodly hour. So I fired up mapping site, memorized the route, and went for a jog. Bangalore changed since I visited late 2005. The city is now called Bangaluru. … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Effect

Republicans clearly achieved their goal: grabbing attention. Obama was enjoying all the media coverage and McCain was fading from people’s memory. Now media just cannot get enough of her, a very distinct person. She is not ambiguous on anything. Maybe … Continue reading

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聞名甚久了,但也沒什麼真正的興趣.畢竟是聽不大懂得東西.朋友邀去看”廳堂版”,打聽是90分鐘,帶吃飯.就去唄.在保利斜對面,南新倉.六點半吃飯,東西不錯.7點半開演. 演出極好.現代化的舞台設計,30多人的場地,演員完全是自然聲.身段表情,竟收眼裡.散場後可以合影,工作人員第二天就寄來了照片.很愉快的一夜. 牡丹亭劇情大膽開放,出乎我意料.人鬼激情,可以拍個好電影.會比”色戒”好看.

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Beijing. Home no more.

Cross posted. Leaving a place is a process of being stripped. Piece by piece, something that used to attached to you was forcibly removed. I experienced this process for the past several months. This trip, I can feel it, removed … Continue reading

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百年好合,早生贵子 大家快去要糖吃。

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World Famous Wang-Family BBQ

Last year, I reminisced on a summer BBQ, an impossibility in a highrise Beijing apartment. After moving back, among the first things we went shopping for is a grill. What we ended up is a free one donated by a … Continue reading

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