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Glacier National Park

Montana is surprisingly lush. Looping around the Glacier National Park from the west to the east entrance, we drove through this huge valley. Meadows roll gently to infinitive. Those eerie snow caps, in June with ambient temperature hovering on the … Continue reading

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Same Sex Marriage

A good lawyer may be able to come up with an instrument that is akin to marriage: in financial and legal sense. Two people can have powers of attorney to each other, will their belongings at death, and sign living … Continue reading

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Samir Patel

I met Samir, 1993, at Kubota Pacific, the afterlife of Ardent Computer, an ambitious project to make super-computing workstation. Samir was the compiler head for Ardent. When Kubota acquired Ardent and launched the grandeur plan to become the dominant player … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Afternon

It is hard to underestimate the draw Tiger has. I was riveted to the TV Sunday watching intense 3-way race between Rocco Mediate, Tiger Woods, and Lee Westwood. Surprised, my daughter was riveted on my side. She even called me … Continue reading

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China Bans Plastic Bags

China just banned flimsy (0.025mm or less) plastic bags. Stores cannot provide them free of charge anymore. In days, usage shrank by 80%. Triumph for environmentalists. It seems. People hate paying for something that was free. Ignorant or defiant customers … Continue reading

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We are what we eat

The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals Michael Pollan ISBN: 978-0143038580 Pub. Date: August 28, 2007 Publisher: Penguin In this world of evolution, the fittest survives. Surely we homo sapiens are the reigning king on top of this … Continue reading

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Hmm, Sesame

I love sesame paste, a simple food of two ingredients: ground sesame and sugar. The sesame oil provides the consistency similar to peanut butter, only grittier. It has nice aroma, fine texture, and, of course, the simple sweetness. Chinese use … Continue reading

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Religion and Governance 宗教与统治

Cross posted at A few thousand years ago, rulers pondered on how to govern. Citizens were not quite literate. The society was tiered. A legal system seemed futile: first they need to learn the laws, then must build an … Continue reading

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