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The Cell Phone Economy

While iPhone5 basks in spotlight, I got myself a new Android. For reasons that’s not obvious to those who marveled over Siri’s eerie life-like response, the brighter than real display, the mega-pixels in built-in camera, the openness of Android ecology, … Continue reading

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iPod Touch v. iPhone

Yesterday, I found the new 64GB iPod Touch on sales for $379. Next to it was the 32GB version for $279, almost 30% drop since I bought mine 6 months ago. I felt stupid. In many social occasions recently, I … Continue reading

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iPhone’s China Play

When the first iPhone craze swept over the US, I opined on Apple’s strategic mistake treating the China market: the largest in the world. IPhones are not supported in China. If you wish to use this cool gadget there, you … Continue reading

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Texas Foods

In a minivan that was carrying 5, two were impossibly addicted to iPhone data services. They both provided additional navigational assistance to the driver, who made sure the rental car was equipped with a Magellan “Never Lost.” They also competed, … Continue reading

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