Aliomenti Saga (7 books series)

The 8th book, Adam’s journey, appeared to be a sequel or “release to video directly” after thought. For all practical purposes, the story ended by book 7.

As a pretty standard marketing tactic by now, the 1st 3 books are free and the rest are $20 as a set. I hesitated when I was done with book 3, but decided to pay and read them all. The author rambled and the plot got old. I did not enjoy the later books as the first ones.

It is a relatively standard time-travel paradox mixed in very questionable science. I can stretch to accept the invention of transparent metal and computer hundreds of years before the historical record. I can also go with magical nano robots with a service life-span of several thousand years. But one cannot really invent GPS without the satellites. Com’on.

The standard time-travel paradox comes with rules. This one was not creative: there is only one time-line and one cannot alter history. These are the most basic time-travelling rules that dictate only one time-traveling party. Nearly all time-travelling plots are similar: there is only one way to do it and the protagonists were the only ones who happened upon it. If the book deviates from these rules, they must allow history alteration: the standard plot of someone trying to kill the baby before he/she was born.

That’s why there was only one time-traveling machine. The necessary energy source for more time-travelling was destroyed. This time-traveling saga has, therefore, only one loop. The protagonist was sent back. Once he lived long enough to reach the original “send-back point,” there is no more “future history” left to preserve.

I would say the plot was worth probably 4 books. Mr. Albrinck needs to learn to write shorter stories.

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