The Undoing Project

I read several Michael Lewis: Liar’s Poker and Money Ball and liked them. What drew me to this one is the topic. I am a big fan of Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking: Fast and Slow. It is one of a very rare occasion that I read the book twice and am thinking of reading it the third time.

Kahneman’s book mentioned Amos Tversky prominently, but I did not realized how deep their relationship was. Michael Lewis described them as “in love” and Kahneman said they were “twinned.” While many knew that he received the Nobel prize in 2002, I did not appreciate that he truly changed the world. Like Kahneman’s book, I felt like reading this book again so that I can recite some quotes and ingrain some concepts deeper. It is also a rare event that I might buy the book after I have read the library copy.

Readers can appreciate this book as a biography of two geniuses. I get the sense that their relationship, and the impact from that, was such a rare event that, like a great love story, it happens once in a hundred years. It also illustrated the key concepts of decision biases (called heuristics) quite clearly. For that, it is educational too. Like Kahneman’s book, I would recommend this to all decision makers in the business.

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