Seattle and Coats

“Hey, it is snowing,” I shouted out. “That’s very nice,” came back the sleepy response. I reached into my closet, found the heavy water-repelling hoody, transfer the contents for the current coat like Wife changing her purse/bag, and left for work. As expected, the snow-flakes couldn’t survive the warmth near the ground. I put on my hood, pocketed my hands, and walked into the cold raindrops. “This jacket was perfect,” I thought.

Seattle’s summer days here are typically in their 70s, spring and falls are 50s, and winter can be freezing. This means people pretty much wear a coat year round. “The art of layering,” said the fashion advertisement. Every Seattleites has a collection of jackets or coats: from super-thin “minimalistic” wind-breaker to parka to knee-length wool coat over a business suit.

We also notice the brands: North Face, Marmot, Patagonia, Columbia Mountain Hardwear, Arc’teryx, and, the latest, Canada Goose. Not that we are fashionable, we are actually always searching for the perfect jacket or coat: light and not to bulky, warm but not hot, water repelling but not plastic, hood and also not hood, colorful but not flashy. And, of course, must be a good deal but not cheap looking. Since there is no such thing, we ended up with about a rack full of coats/jackets, for each person in the household.

And we haven’t talked about head wear yet.

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  1. K says:

    You didn’t mention the brand/style of your jacket that you thought was perfect!

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