Mither Mages Trilogy

For 1,500 years, the Olympic Gods, as those in Greek and Roman mythologies, were stranded on earth. Their descendants gradually got weaker in their mythical powers as depicted on those myths. Soon, they might became just like us drowthers (muggles as in Harry Potters), unless a gatemage emerges. A good gatemage can enhance their power and make them rulers of the earth again. Danny North was one such gatemage, in fact the greatest ever.

A gate can instantaneously transport any object from one location to another — violating rules of physics. If the object of the transportation is a living thing, it also restore it to perfect health. A capable gatemage could create such things at will. A Gatefather can create many such gates. This is like the movie Jumper.

Orson Scott Card was actually disappointing. The story line and characters were creative and great. But he went overboard in the philosophical department. He theologically re-interpreted God, Satan, devils, and afterlife. He indulged in teenage silly verbal jousting. The love and other emotions were superficial and shallow. If you expect a repeat of Ender’s Game, this is not it.

It is a good library borrow over a lazy weekend. Don’t forget that there are three books in this series. You would want to finish all three in one sitting.

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