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Old People Flicks

This generation that defined American’s tastes and styles is now old. Unfortunately, the new ones, call them X, Y, post-80, whatever, has not taken over the most important reign: money. No wonder entertainment industries still try to wring the last … Continue reading

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Gates on Google

We were all curious on the new tenant. Only the affluent can afford this prime real estate. Yet this new company was clearly beyond the most affluent of us. They leased the whole building, gutted the entire interior, brought in … Continue reading

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Street Banking

Here in China, company’s cafeteria serve three meals a day at very reasonable prices. Since other options are not really more attractive, it becomes a popular dinner solution. Employees usually leave work around 8pm after the meal. On this day, … Continue reading

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Clinton on Google

Hillary Rodham Clinton stood by Google on its case against China. “Censorship should not be in any way accepted by any company from anywhere,” Mrs. Clinton said. “American companies need to take a principled stand. This needs to be part … Continue reading

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A Fine Day at Hong Kong

The best things to do in Hong Kong are shopping and eating, no fun without a company. When I learned that I would have a weekend free, we arranged to stay with an old friend and she was a great … Continue reading

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Becoming Human

Becoming Human PBS recently aired this 3-part series of human evolution. The style and structure are like other PBS documentary/educational programs: a narrator with impeccable voice, interviews with impressive experts, and revelations of break-through knowledge. This subject, human … Continue reading

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水滸: 悽涼結局

其實我忘了水滸的結局了. 小時候看到招安,就義憤填噟,摔書不看了. 這次耐性的一回回的聽完了. 中國的四大小說,設計都是說書的型式. iPod,正好提供聽書的環境. 戰死沙場的也就罷了,船伙張橫的英魂,武松的左手,都令人嘆息. 但那是打戰的代價. 方臘那邊,不也死了許多嗎? 平方臘後,水滸散將,一個個走了. 李俊赴船出海. 武松出家. 燕青也消遙而去. 這些都能令人暗嘆佩服. 但宋江,盧俊義被奸黨毒害,沒得好死. 是不是施耐庵暗示宋江的領導錯誤? 只是陪上了李逵,花榮,當了副將. 最悽涼的是吳用. 他雖無武功,但在梁山,征南,宋江給了他舞台. 從此只是一介文人,滿腹雄韜,沒有發揮的可能. 那就罷了. 現在連能說話的朋友都沒了. 於是鬱悶到了無生趣,自盡忠義堂. 水滸悲劇,給人最大的感嘆,是英雄慘死,奸黨得勝. 讀者及聽眾的不平,也就是水滸流傳不衰的重點原因了. 這是我重讀四大小說的第一本. 老實說,我紅樓從來沒看完過,也不會去看了. 但三國西遊,現在十分嚮往開讀哦.

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Loma Prieta memory

Yes. That was a jolt, I stood up quickly, walked to the office door, and waited. Earthquake Center: A light earthquake occurred at 10:09:35 AM (PST) on Thursday, January 7, 2010. The magnitude 4.1 event occurred 11 km (7 miles) … Continue reading

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It’s about productivity, Dr. Krugman

Many economists believe that the US will have a short-lived recovery and head right back to recession once the stimulus money runs out. They think the “multiplier” effect of the stimulus is about one, or even a bit less. This … Continue reading

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A bit too long…

Avatar James Cameron We all went to the bathroom before the movie started and stayed away from any liquid during the entire show. That was a good plan. We came out of the theater with different opinions. She shrugged, “It’s … Continue reading

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