Directed and written by Greg Marcks

It is really hard to review this film without spoiling it. I won’t.

There is a genre in Chinese fictions that’s part mystery, part horror, and part fate. They usually end with the revelation of someone wronging someone else in the previous reincarnation cycle. It is very buddhistic to trace everything to their causes. Readers felt this sense of closure when causes are explained, “That why she suffered head-aches for 18 years. She scolded the beggar, really a ghost, for 18 minutes.” This movie is like that, only superbly done.

What seemed to be a freak accident was explained step by step. Everything gradually fell into a twisted logic. At the end, all became clear and logical. Then the plot chewed on you for days. Suddenly, a detail jumped into your mind, “That’s why the bowling ball was there.”

It is freakily entertaining.

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