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Fly Clear

At airport, someone zoomed through the security line with a privileged air, leaving us normal people enviously curious. I observed. Impressive machines hide behind the entrance guarded by burly uniformed. “How do I?” “Have 30 minutes?” I did and could … Continue reading

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Resident Evil 生化危机

Resident EvilsMilla JovovichPub. Date: 2002, 2004, 2007 I am so sorry. Unlike more sophisticated people that watched Oscar nominees, I watch all 3 Resident Evils this weekend: Biohazard, Apocalypse, and Extinction. I feel so mindless, just like when I finished RoboCop … Continue reading

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Beijing Markets

Foods represent an interesting economic phenomenum in China. The essentially same product may have a range of prices that can be 100 fold: the high end is 100 times more than the low end. It bewilders me that vendors in … Continue reading

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Obama v. Hilary

How fast was Hilary’s fall? Just a few weeks ago, she gave a hint of emotion in New Hampshire and grabbed the title of front-runner. Now press has all but declared Obama the nominee. John McCain appeared to agree too. … Continue reading

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I left China on the Chinese New Year’s Eve when a big part of the country was fighting the worst snow storm in 50 years. Tokyo should be several degrees warmer than Beijing, so I was relative at ease. Snow … Continue reading

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Floating Point Arithmetic

I started my software engineer career constructing an Mechanical CAD software. One day, my tangential algorithm yielded a line that does not even touch the curve it is supposed to be tangent to. The graphics on the screen is off … Continue reading

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Ho Chi Minh City

First time to VietNam, and obviously, Ho Chi Minh City. The airport is modern, clean, and spacious. The custom was courteous and speedy. When we entered the city, seas of motorcycles swallowed the car that I was in. Whenever the … Continue reading

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Year of the Rat

This will be my 3rd installation of Chinese New Year blog. There had been sad departures this year in Beijing. We have seen many friends leaving their posts, often for something better or bigger. This is a vibrant and fast-paced … Continue reading

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Superbowl in Beijing

What a game! SuperBowls historically are boring. Guacamole, tortilla chips, pizzas, and, of course, lots of beers kept us in the game. SuperBowl party is as much as an excuse to ignore all social or dietary rules as a serious … Continue reading

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A new world, again.

Over a mountain of snow, on the ski lift, at Tahoe, Nevada side, I tried to converse with this young snowboarder. Ski lifts stop and go that day. It can be a long ride uphill, even longer in silence. And … Continue reading

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