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Would this happen soon?

Four recent news articles string into a follow-up story. New York Times reported that Marion Jones will be sentenced for 6 months for lying. She took performance enhancement drugs at 2000 Olympic competition. International Herald Tributes reported that IAAF (International … Continue reading

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Who owns your Genes?

Next Michael Crichton ISBN: 978-0060872984 Pub. Date: November 28, 2006 Publisher: HarperCollins I don’t know if I read Michael Crichton for education or entertainment. As I scanned the paperback section of the airport bookstore, “Clever,” I thought. Michael Crichton’s book … Continue reading

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Caligraphers at the Park

Walk into a park anytime on a good day, you find many active Beijingers. Starting at daybreak, exercising crowd group themselves by activities: folk dancers, martial arts, muscle trainers, Badmington, etc. Afternoon will have duelers attempt their kills on one … Continue reading

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Blackjack and Craps

I have been fond of gambling through-out my life, intrigued by the odds, pay-out, and strategy. Mathematics dominates this industry and plays key roles in every nuances of every game. Of course, making money with skills, strategy, and luck is … Continue reading

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Learning Mandarin: False Eastern promise

I am a big fan of The Economist. Read it religeously every week. But this recent article got me scratching my head. Who was the editor of that issue? This article argues that it is economically a bad decision for … Continue reading

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I rarely have writer’s blocks on concepts; it is the mincing of words that stumped me. I envy those who have proses flowing out of the keyboard effortlessly. To me, chiseling on granite. It seems fitting to commemorate the passing … Continue reading

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