On a Clear Day You Can See …

Adobe CS3 is an amazing collection of creativity software. I recently acquired them and upgraded my sadly outdated PhotoShop 7. As an amateur, I barely scratched the features, among the first to play is the photo stitching feature. Click to see the hi-res version.

(Johnny, how about porting them to Solaris?)

This is the view from my office, facing north, a nice view on TsingHua Univeristy. The light-brown building on the left of the chimney is the main building. The one closest, on the right corner, is their FIT (Future Internet Technology?) complex: a huge building housing reseach teams and labs. The next generation pure IPv6 is only one of the projects experimented here.

This is from ERI looking west. You can see Summer Palace and part of Peking University. The closer buildings are, I believe, TsingHua's staff residential area. Peking University is right beyond them. The far ranges are West Moutains and Fragrant Hill is part of them.

This is from my apartment looking north. You can see Capital Building on the left, the tallest in Beijing and KunLun hotel with a circular restaurant on top. The trees obscured LiangMa River across. Those red buildings are on the east side of the famouse SanLiTun, the brisk shopping, bar, and restaurant area for expats and local alike.

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