The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel

The Thirteenth Tale: A Novel

Diane Setterfield

ISBN: 0743298020

Pub. Date: September 12, 2006

Publisher: Atria

“Dad, do you ever read books with a plot?,” asked my smart-tongued kid. She concluded that my books are all boring. I must admit not having read a good story for a while now. That's why I picked up this one from the best-seller table at Barnes & Noble.

Unlike Rowling, Diane Setterfield wrote for adults. I have not been helplessly kept awake since Harry Potter #3.

Formulaic it is not. Setterfield focused on imprinting the characters so that you can see and hear them. The story is original and well structured. I found myself having to continue, knowing that I won't be able to sleep anyway.

Setterfield wrote for book lovers. Her definition, however, extends beyond the love of reading and into the fondness of book's physical attributes. Main characters all share this passion and are amateur library curators. They collect, categorize, and store books.

And what's the point of collecting multiple versions of the same book? I do appreciate a well constructed book. It will be easy to hold, to turn, and most importantly, for these pair of aging eyeballs to read. I would have possess the spirit of the book after reading it. Ink and paper do not constitute books. I generally do not read a book more than once, and definitely not for the different printing quality or binding style.



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