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Is there an optimal design for sail boats? The answer is the same for airplanes or cars: no. But, by large, the design principles have been worked out after many thousands of times of experiments. For speed, do Catamaran, otherwise, … Continue reading

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Les Mis: Movie is Better

Not by much, both very good. This blog is mostly a comparison of the movie to its theatrical counter-part. If you don’t want to know or care, stop reading. First of all, Anne Hathaway out-acted and out-sang Hugh Jackman who … Continue reading

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Doomsday Averted.

Remember the movie 2012 that depicted the second coming of Noah’s flood, with earth splitting fires that swallowed all civilizations? December 21 came and passed. What were you doing? How many times you learned that a disaster could have been … Continue reading

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For Young Job Seekers…

A young person was working with me on her job hunt. So many questions/confusions! Which cities are best? Which industries should she target? Is cover letter necessary? Are those really called “experience?” These are the summary of our exchanges: No … Continue reading

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Why Unions Still Exist?

The benefits of unions to the labor side is clear: good income, good lifestyles, and job security. Extra costs to business translate to higher prices. But if the business is a near monopoly, its customers have no choice. The customers, … Continue reading

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Farmers Market

“What do you miss from California?” People asked when they learned that we lived there for decades. “Farmers Market!” has been the answer we never really said out loud. The inquirers rarely really wanted to know. It was only a … Continue reading

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Asian Bakeries

One of the joyful experience coming to Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, China) is the extravagant and huge variety of breads. American bakeries focus mostly on the crust and the texture inside of the bread. The fancy ones add aromatic or … Continue reading

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Chasing the Wind

October 13th, 2012 Visualization did not work! My “thought rehearsals” omitted the repeated mutiny attempts by the wind and the boat. At the end, I prevailed. Same boat, the Mercury, and I showed off my perfectly done bowline knot. Just … Continue reading

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