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Stuck at the 29th floor

October 27th, 2012 Saturday night, after a nice dinner (thanks to wonderful Wife), I was just lazily watching TV and someone scratched my window. Huh? This is the 29th floor! Was a bird hurt out there? I rose to investigate. … Continue reading

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What’s the point?

Finally, the last of the presidential debates was over. The media industry kicked up another notch on political coverage, desperately seeking fresh angles. We all pretend that there are still undecided voters who are to choose the next president. We … Continue reading

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大學那幾年,吃完晚飯,抓把吉他到屋頂,對著夕陽,大唱幾首,大夥一起合.天黑了下去打牌胡扯.不然就看心情,找個音樂迷,這邊聽搖滾,那邊古典,不然還有人專攻鄉村的.淡江的日子,”豐富”得很. 有幾個開始要唱自己做的歌,我們就一起聽.過了幾天,居然要開演唱會,我們當然要去共襄盛舉.吃完飯就散步去.哇!居然還有主持人!收音機裏的陶曉清!李雙澤來鬧了下,楊祖珺個子小但聲音好,都是淡江人.那年頭唱歌那可是每天路邊都是,有勁的人就開演唱會,校園每周都有,我們也沒太在意.後來還有人找了個陳達來唱”思想起”.哇.這是真的嗎?一個走唱的老頭子,嘰哩咕嚕了大半天,氣氛非常鄉土,但沒人聽得懂他在唱什麼.只知道他的詞是隨興編的. 那些居然成了校園民歌的大里程碑.馬世芳的書,寫的是我親身在場的耶.而那天聽完後,大夥散場,不知道某歷史事件剛發生過咧. 這就是當”路人甲”的感覺嗎?

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Certified to Sail

September 21, 2012 Liking needing a driver’s license to rent a car, I need to qualify for renting a sail boat. This means taking lessons until I can handle a boat reasonably. For Center for Wooden Boats, where I have … Continue reading

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Beef Noodles

“Food is the sky,” Chinese proclaimed. That, in terms of priority, food matters are always at the top. Citizens of Taipei took this to heart. This city is teemed with restaurants. Beef noodles, somehow, has ascended to obsessivity. Every year, … Continue reading

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练英文有两招: 找个英文读物,最好是知名新闻刊物,随便选一篇,从头读到尾,有生字查了后写在张纸上。读完后,回头再读开头两段。然后,不看它也不用背,自己写一遍,比较一下。 这时,把生字表拿来再看一遍,看完就可以丢了它。 找条英文歌,下载歌词。一面听,一面跟着唱一遍。能跟着唱完就行。 这两招,每周练一遍。不会超过一小时。三月必有成效。一生都能受益。别去上英语会话班。浪费钱。

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