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US Immigration Policies

President Obama decided to let some illegal aliens to work legally for two-years at a time. Once this door is cracked, these people can extend their work visa and eventually become US citizens. The Supreme Court just ruled most of … Continue reading

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Stop Infinitive Appeal

“We will fight until the last breath,” the fighters swore! So battles after battles, they fought on. The spirits were high, the bodies were tired, the coffers emptied, lives ruined, but the glory of the fight will be remembered by … Continue reading

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They don’t work hard enough!

Software geeks work in mysterious ways, also in strange hours. That they are also highly paid makes others wonder if this is just a big scam. These people created all those bugs and then demand high compensation to fix them! … Continue reading

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Marriage Is For Losers

Dr. Kelly Flanagan is a therapist. His blog “Untangled” has a recent entry that touched me. There are three kinds of marriages. In the first kind of marriage, both spouses are competing to win, and it’s a duel to the … Continue reading

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Chris Kuzneski

People in this condo building put books in the common area as a free and do-it-yourself library. One of them caught Kid’s eye: Sign of the Cross by Chris Kuzneski. She grabbed it. Several days ago, she mentioned, nonchalantly, that … Continue reading

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Edgewater Hotel

When The Beatles came to Seattle, they stayed at the Edgewater Hotel. That was in 1964 and the picture of them fishing from their room became a piece of history. This hotel was built for the World Fair and has … Continue reading

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Man Jewelry and Mansome

Bling bling. I am not. When I became aware, around my mid-teenage years, I observed the world to have two kinds of people: those who tailor-made their school uniforms or those who wear the standard-issue, designed for durability and cost … Continue reading

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