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How Medicinal?

Two years in a row since I arrived, Myrtle Beach hosted Seattle Hempfest: a celebration for Marijuana or “the world’s largest marijuana decriminalization gathering.” This year, the envelope was, again, pushed a bit further. Jonathan Martin of Seattle Times reported: … Continue reading

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My first real director job was at Sun Microsystems. (Although I obtained even more impressive titles earlier.) Soon after I got the job, they sent me to the director school: a 2-session, multi-day, off-site, too much food class called “Take … Continue reading

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It is over. Finally!

Honestly, by Book #7, I was not anticipating its release. J.K. Rowling wrote lengthier and darker as Harry Potter saga continued. The books became adult-level effort with teenager level enjoyment. But I am the guy who read all six of … Continue reading

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The Solution to the US Economy: Science

The USA headquarters 133 of the biggest 500 companies in the world, followed by Japan 68, and China 61. There are many reasons these countries did well in the arena of economy, for the US it is about innovation. The … Continue reading

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Alki Beach

The Denny Party, the original settlers of Seattle, chose Alki first. After one winter, they decided to go inland to avoid the fierce pounding of winter storms. Where they settled later became Seattle. On clear days, Seattleites flock to this … Continue reading

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Pay back time will come

Let’s put some data on the table: US Annualized GDP: 15.0 trillion Current debt ceiling: 14.3 trillion Current US debts: 14.3 trillion (yep, at the ceiling) US Federal spending: 3.6 trillion Federal tax revenue: 2.2 trillion US Federal deficit: 1.4 … Continue reading

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Non-Myths of Programming

The July, 2011, issue of CACM has this interesting article on the Non-Myths of Programming. If you are a member, don’t skip. Both kids study science and engineering, neither of them ventured into software or computer. I have curiously inquired … Continue reading

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