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Borders no more

Sad, Borders is closing doors. This is inevitable as brick-and-mortar bookstores, as well as all traditional media distributors, are giving ways to Internet. Although I have largely converted to Kindle, I assumed that close-out sales will be great bargains. On … Continue reading

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Seattle Grace Hospital

I have been a loyal fan for Grey’s Anatomy since they aired 8 (?) years ago. This medical drama is set in Seattle. Like the boat house in Sleepless in Seattle, I wondered if the famed Seattle Grace Hospital, where … Continue reading

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Risk, Fear, and Failure

This is a managerial topic, as in how to get your team to work more effectively. Early in the managerial career, the training is about securing resources, practicing planning skills, and keeping things organized. On any day, I would be … Continue reading

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No Chinese WP???

I have not figured out how to write blogs in Chinese after I upgraded WordPress version. If you know, please teach me. I am running WP 3.1.2, PHP5, MySQL 5. That’s why all my Chinese blogs are garbled. Stay tuned.

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Volunteer Park

Do you know where Bruce Lee was buried? What? You don’t care?!?! Man! Volunteer park is tucked away in Capitol Hill and has a conservatory and a small Asian Arts Museum. There is an interesting sculpture that overlook the Space … Continue reading

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Girl Power

“I don’t promote man to management,” my friend, a CEO of a 100-employee company that does trading and services in Asia, said to me. I was astonished. “What if one is very good at management?” “Their failure rate is too … Continue reading

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Fireworks at the lake

The boats congregated into a roughly square formation in the middle of the lake. The gathering started very early in the morning and quickened after noon. At about 4pm, there are about 400 boats; I can imagine people hopping from … Continue reading

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Jose Vargas proposed that if an illegal immigrant came into the country since young age and stayed long enough to earn a bachelor’s degree, he should be granted legal status. He did not do this out of altruism; he is … Continue reading

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