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Ungovernable California

The Economist, sadly, made a text book case out of California. (Try click on link for the full article. Sorry that non-subscribers may not have access.) It feels like the worst case for a democratic political system. The California Correctional … Continue reading

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GE and Corporate Taxes

GE made $14.2 billions last year, $5.1 billions in the US, and paid $0 in US taxes. This seems hardly fair. Next time you have a nothing to do in a rainy weekend, get some annual reports from several Fortune … Continue reading

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Yet Another Change Management Book

Management are suckers for Change Management techniques. We have been trained and brainwashed that the most important job we have is to be an agent for changes. Then there are consultants, Exec MBA programs, short courses, and books on this … Continue reading

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Modern Software Engineers

In the old days, software creation was intensively geeky. Myriad of minutiae required total concentration and focus to keep track in one’s head. One mishaps and the whole program crashes. It takes days to find that proverbial needle in the … Continue reading

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Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is a must-visit for Seattle tourists. This historic downtown that is full of character and charm. The best way is to wander around on foot: check out stores and people, grab a bite or coffee occasionally. Try to … Continue reading

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Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)

“Any good fictions lately?” I asked Kid recently; she read 150 books a year, mostly fictions. “I liked the Dresten Files,” she replied. Hmm… So I checked. If Jim Butcher published a series of 8 books, the first one must … Continue reading

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Jane Lui

“Since you like Vienna Teng, you should check Jane Lui out,” someone sent me a note with an URL attached. It was a YouTube video on her singing Jailcard . “Interesting,” I thought. And I went to her website. The … Continue reading

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