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Arctic Blast

“The drizzles do not bother me,” my standard reply when people asked how I like Seattle. “You guys did not tell me it is cold here.” In fact, this newbie to Seattle found the summer bright and pleasant. “Just you … Continue reading

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Diane goes to China

ABC World News Tonight spent several days in China recently. They made a 3-part series on various aspects of China: its economy, of course, education, innovations, etc. Viewers should feel awed by China’s prowess in so many areas: manufacturing, internet … Continue reading

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Early this year, the US government printed an extra trillion dollars. This operation is called quantitative easing. Similar to the stimulus program, it pumped money into the society in hope for coaxing the economy to bounce back. The side effects … Continue reading

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Akeelah and the Bee

A good movie on an obscure topic: spelling tournament. Like all good stories, the pursuit (to win the tournament) is vividly elucidated. One will be awed by the difficulty of mastering spelling at tournament level and cannot help admiring those … Continue reading

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A China Telecom Giant

Huawei tried to stay away from the spotlight. It seems New York Times found them. Do you know that it has a sales reached about US$30 billion last year? This top technology company employs an army in China and several … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot remembered

As a young software engineer focusing on interactive graphics, I had the office next to Vaughan Pratt. I knew him only by the name plate and this beautiful screensaver that’s always on. I would looked at it for minutes and … Continue reading

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WA License Plate

Most Californians dread the trip to DMV. Even if you made an appointment, you still enter a long queue. Then you are shuffled from one counter to another, each time just to enter another queue. The people behind the counter … Continue reading

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