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Top Pot Doughnuts

The logo said, “Hand Forged Doughnuts” with a picture of a blacksmith hitting an anvil. Hmm… A boy sat down next to us. His legs dangled happily, too short for the chair. His cute eyes trained on his dad who … Continue reading

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It will be perfect this time.

Every software engineer knew, surest to his bone, how to do it right. After all, he did the first version and fixed all those bugs that came the years. He has been bothered by all those bad decisions that caused … Continue reading

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Crisis Management: the case of BP

Tony Hayward got fired for not knowing how to behave under crisis. (Well, it is not clear that he actually was fired. He is no longer doing the job before the oil spell happened. Rumors said he did it voluntarily … Continue reading

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260 lbs of love

How do you move 1,000 packs of poker cards from China to the USA? Daughter decided to design a pack of cards years ago. She doodled with Photoshop on and off and refined the definition of “finish” for over a … Continue reading

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燒餅油條, 鹹豆漿

When I was ten, we lived in a suburban town called Yong He (永和). On weekends, Mom would leave change on the table. Brother and I would take the money to this place down the street to have breakfast. There … Continue reading

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Naked in Seattle. Seriously?

Bless his heart. Mayor Mike McGinn of Seattle wanted to improve the city and polled his citizens for ideas. The most popular two ideas were to legalize Marijuana and to extend the light rail system. And the third one? Yep. … Continue reading

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More teachers, not less

In Collapse, Jared Diamond explored the possible reasons civilizations chose the path leading to their own demise. There were societies that lived in plentiful and nature will provide them forever. Yet, without external interferences, such as natural disasters or foreign … Continue reading

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