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Spitting, Queue-jumping, Swearing and Smoking

What constitute civilization? What makes a society pleasant to be part of, or intolerable? What makes you shake your heads, or irate and want to punch someone? What make you thinking of not coming back to this area ever? Small … Continue reading

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Letter from China: What if Beijing is right?

A Howard W. French questioned, on International Herald of Tribute on November 2nd, 2007, if the deeply rooted American values of democracy and check-and-balance are really superior. What if Beijing is right? I have long explained to people that China’s … Continue reading

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Duck Blood Rice Noodle Soup

The Confucius Temple (夫子庙) area reminds me of ShangHai’s City God’s Temple (城隍庙). It stands, non-participatorily aloof amidst the touristic crowd, on the banks of QinHuai river (秦淮河): the entertainment center of the capital for hundreds of years. This area … Continue reading

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A Capitol Hill Theater

Jammie Thomas was devastated by RIAA by making copyrighted songs available for others to download. They traced her via an IP address. Her service provider betrayed her by linking the IP address with her real identity and provided this link … Continue reading

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Sleep, the new diet program

I endured years of protest imposing strict sleeping routine for my kids. They must be in bed and light-out earlier than most of their friends, at least so they claim. A recent study showed a good night's sleep, when the … Continue reading

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