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No more dongles

Here in southern China gathered leaders of world's open-source community. GuangZhou city (广州: great foods, hospitable people, and warm climate) hosted this year's China OSS summit. A couple China Academy of Science Fellows graced this conference and heightened its prestige … Continue reading

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Have I been here before?

On May 4th, 1918, about 3000 students gathered in TianAnMen Square to protest the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in which Japan will assume all German occupied locations and render ShanDong (山东) province almost as its colony. It quickly … Continue reading

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The iPod Industry (CompuTex, part 2)

I knew TwinMOS as a Flash memory company: SD, CompactFlash, USB stick, flash-based MP3 player, etc. Before that, they made other hot electronic commodities. Like many other HsinChu companies, they are big enough for efficient manufacuring and small enough to … Continue reading

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CompuTex, Taipei, 2007

20 minutes of rain flooded Taipei. TV news showed people wading through thigh-high water, rescuing their things on make-shift floatation platforms. Undeterred, taxis packed the adjacent streets of the exhibit halls. It took 20 minutes to advance probably 100 meters … Continue reading

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Driving in Beijing

Ever since I came to China, I have a chauffeur. Mr. Bai is nothing like Sabrina Fairchild’s father or Kato for Green Hornet. He is quiet, reliable, and knowledgeable of this city. With him doing the point A to point … Continue reading

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