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The Power of Conversations

I have never gone to Davos, but World Economic Forum happened in Beijing several times and I attended then. They were the most invigorating conversations I ever had. It was a pompous mission statement: “To improve the state of the … Continue reading

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Loss and Regret

A friend is considering suing someone. The lawyer thinks it is a 50-50 chance to win. If she wins, she should expects minimally $400k, otherwise nothing. The lawyer gave her two options on legal fees: she can pay a flat … Continue reading

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The Passage

What does the word “epic” really mean? This is a new twist on the old vampire genre. Genre has rules: vampires are essentially immortal; they can be killed only in specific ways; they are physically much more superior than normal … Continue reading

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Six Common Strategic Errors

There is the Do-It-All strategy, shorthand for failing to make real choices about priorities. The Don Quixote strategy unwisely attacks the company‚Äôs strongest competitor first. The Waterloo strategy pursues war on too many fronts at once. The Something-For-Everyone tries to … Continue reading

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Somewhere unknown in Virginia…

Remember Jodi Foster in “Silence of the Lambs?” That she was running in FBI Academy. Where is this FBI Academy? Well, it is in Virginia off I-95 through the exit signed “Quantico Marine Corps Base.” The most amazing part, to … Continue reading

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End of the Car-less days

Nov 25, 2012 Americans love to hate car salesmen, particularly used-cars. Very few enjoy the car buying experience. The knowledge on the subject is very asymmetric: the selling side knows about cars and cost structure far more than average buyers. … Continue reading

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What not own guns?

Here in China, over a meal, they asked, “You live in America. Why don’t you own guns?” The general impression is that every Americans owns guns. Many Washingtonians do. This state has very liberal gun laws. It seems that everyone … Continue reading

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