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What’s Wisdom?

Would getting older at least make you wiser? For Americans, that appears to be true. Japanese, on the other hand, become wise much younger. More interestingly, first time I glimpsed at the definition of wisdom. There are five elements of … Continue reading

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Got No Respect?

An employee came to me, frustrated, seeking a transfer. After 30 minutes or so, I came to the realization, “So what you are saying is that people don’t value your opinion?” He agreed that was the source of his frustration … Continue reading

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My First Steve Berry

On one of my trips, my fellow passenger was a hedge fund manager from Idaho (never got his name). His wife stuffed this book into his bag and he highly recommended it. I reserved the eBook from Seattle Public Library … Continue reading

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我很少去看我這blog的讀者量. 開始時,天天關心有多少人看我的大作. 現在基本上是個公開的日記,整理自己的思路,練練文筆. 所謂”筆耕”,大概就是這意思吧. 誰看誰不看,我寫我的. 今天心血來潮,發現有半數的讀者是以中文上網.而我多數的”作品”是英文. 嘿!

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American Irons

Buying a car is so hard. Large sums of money are involved. The consequence of making a mistake is very regrettable. The purchasing process is arduously unpleasant. And there isn’t enough information to make good decisions with. Fortunately, there is … Continue reading

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智化寺在二环边上,朝内小街东,金宝街北,禄米仓胡同的最东一段。不好找,但值得一游。最精彩的是西配殿,叫“藏殿”。中有个转轮藏,木雕精美完整,可以流连细看。正殿祭如来佛,台后有个壁画,但光线昏暗,难以欣赏。西边有个达摩像,我看了就喜欢。 藏殿的藻井早年被盗,现存美国The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art。 这寺是明英宗宠幸太监王振的家庙。据明史记载,“振跋扈不可制,作大第皇城东,建智化寺,穷极土木”。王振的个家庙就如此,可想见其他。英宗于正统14年率50万大军御驾亲征入侵的瓦刺。大败被俘,王振死于乱军之中。史称“土木之变”。明朝太监干政,始予王振,也自此由盛轉衰。看智化寺的精美,像恭王府一样,想到和珅也是个“倾国倾朝”的宦官。 寺内的几个赑屃(bi4 xi3)居然几百年还完好,细节生动,碑文也还能读,不容易。三进的大殿是二层楼也不常见。好像山门中经常有音乐表演,我没赶上。

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Qing Ming

Several years ago, China has three golden weeks every year. Those are week-long national holidays that wreak havoc to the whole country. Everyone must go somewhere; all tourist spots busted in seams; transportation system ground to halt; international transactions disrupted. … Continue reading

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