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I am a sucker for sequels..

The 2nd and 3rd of the Stieg Larsson trilogy are really one book. Stop when you have finished the first, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and prepare yourself to read two books in a row. Otherwise, just don’t start … Continue reading

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Diversification is not the goal

Riding on FaceBook’s IPO news frenzy, CalSTRS, California’s Teacher’s Pension Fund, asked the company to add a woman to the board. “We are disappointed that the Facebook board will not have any women members,” CalSTRS corporate governance director Anne Sheehan … Continue reading

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Your big moment

Once in a long while, you have a chance to meet the big boss, the one you saw on stage and never met in social events other than company parties. You have 45 minutes to an hour. Your foremost goal … Continue reading

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三國(6): 楊修之死

一句”食之無味,棄之可惜”, 楊修就被曹操給宰了. 後人說他的故事, 都在他聰明的地方. 只是”恃才放曠”, 惹毛了老闆曹操, 才丟了腦袋. 太多人聰明一世,只錯在一點: 做事的後果沒搞清楚. 也不需要有太長遠的考慮,只要眼前的後果就行了. 美國總統候選人Mitt Romney拒絕公開他的稅單,這有可能嗎? 要選總統,還有不公開的選擇? 公司有個員工,差旅報銷,不但高過準則,數目字還不符,還用了五年前的發票. 這不是想被炒嗎? 曹操定軍山敗了,進退兩難,真不知道該不該打劉備,說了句”雞肋”. 被楊修聽出來了他的心意. 但也不能老羞成怒,硬幹. 找敗戰. 羅貫中的看法,曹操早想殺楊修了. 最重要的原因,是楊修在幕後干預了曹操立嗣,扶佐曹植. 曹操不要別人知道他在選嗣. 楊修不但看出來了,還決定去挺曹植.他看出曹操心意沒說,決定挺曹植也沒請准. 也就是說他替曹操下了立嗣的決定. 這不是找死?

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SuperBowl Lunch Salad

Yes, I am trying to be healthier. No, I am not drinking beer with this salad. That’s another blog. I do “spontaneous salad” once in a while. It usually involved tossing whatever in the fridge and a very spontaneous home … Continue reading

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Do you want to be a genius?

The good news is that you can be as brilliant as Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet, or even Mozart! The bad news is that you are probably a bit too late. But don’t despair, there is still hope. Geoff Colvin’s book, … Continue reading

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