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I clicked the “automatic upgrade” to WordPress, whatever. Now I am a Chinese blog. Hmm… I decided to live with this for a while. When WordPress asks me to upgrade again, I will choose the English version and see what … Continue reading

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Who does not want to play with a trebuchet? A massive and powerful machine that fell castles and fortresses mysteriously. It takes many people to operate. When assembled, it lobs big boulders or fireballs over long distances. The movement, observed … Continue reading

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Internet v. Media Industry

Recently, prominent internet players coordinated a protest against the government. And they won. Wikipeidia shut down itself for 24 hours. Google put up a censorship protest sign. Several other sites took similar action. All because the US congress was considering … Continue reading

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I have been avoiding this curiously titled book for a long time. When Kid produced a paperback version and asked me, “Donate or keep?” I put it on my physical reading queue (as opposed to my digital one on my … Continue reading

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Vancouver, A Winter Tour

I have a casual Seattle bucket list. Vancouver is on it. I wasn’t planning for a winter visit.. Oh well. It seems like a lovely city, but more suitable for living than touring. Everywhere are interesting activities, but there are … Continue reading

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