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A full year of Seattle! Who’d have thought of that? I wondered if I actually like to travel. If not, why do I travel so much? This year I left home probably once a month and sometime twice. Oversea trips … Continue reading

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Theo Chocolate Factory

Everyone knows that chocolate comes from cacao. That’s like saying steak comes from cattle. How exactly? Theo (the name refers to the cacao tree) is a small chocolate factory in the Fremont neighborhood. The tour was educational and entertaining. The … Continue reading

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Of Kindles and Libraries

I like my Kindle3. Kid bought a Kindle Touch and I have been comparing them side-by-side. I am not sure Touch is any better, just smaller. I do have several pet peeves regarding Kindles. It can’t lend or transfer books … Continue reading

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Cash for Green Cards

Want to become a US citizen? Tired of waiting in the tedious visa application process? No problem. For the low low price of half a million dollars (and you can get it back in a couple of years, plus interest), … Continue reading

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Four Fish

The medical industry recommends 2 servings of fish every week; preferably one fatty kind, like Salmon or Tuna, and another white fish. This, they say, is good for our health. If everyone on earth followed that advice, we would extirpate … Continue reading

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Mom learned Mahjongg when I was in first or second grade. (The solitaire game of the same name was invented by Westerners, and completely unrelated.) As a stay-at-home mom, she needed to pass the time after Dad had gone to … Continue reading

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