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Ballard Locks

John McGraw stands at the busy intersection of 5th, Steward, and Westlake. He always faces the trolley station, officially Seattle Street Car. No doubt riders and tourist would walk up and study the inscription on the pedestal on which he … Continue reading

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Chrome Book, yet another thin client

The battle between thick- and thin-client started in the mid-80s. At one corner was the Unix camp who led the technological innovation and was pushing a new thing called X Windows: a desktop standard for all Unix workstations. Over the … Continue reading

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Back to Beijing

Truth is, I never left. Three years ago. Several of us arrived around the same time. Us transient people of this great city from else countries, drank the city in by the fire hoses. We, like all transient people, experienced … Continue reading

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Air Rage

On one of my recent flight to SFO, soon after landing, as the very moment the seat-belt light turned off, a passenger sprang up and ran to the cockpit area. He talked to the attendant and got what he needed, … Continue reading

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Meditation for Dummies

I have been meditating since I was about 10 years old. I found an Yoga book and simply followed the instructions. It was cool as if I was practicing some advanced Kong Fu. I don’t know whether meditation changed my … Continue reading

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