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Rho Agenda

“Do you have a book by Richard Phillips titled ‘Rho Agenda’?” A Barnes and Noble is between the bus stop and home. I was curious on what the book really feel like. It does not hurt anybody to take a … Continue reading

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ABC Nightly News, no more

For decades, I loyally watched ABC Nightly News. For this new comer to the US, Peter Jennings seemed more understandable and Ted Koppel’s Nightline interviews brought perspective for many topics for me. Anchor person changed, but I stayed with ABC. … Continue reading

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Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐

The art is in chopsticking. Pick it up gently and slowly. the friction of chopsticks will do the works; you need to provide the patience. The dumpling will sag like a small water balloon and you will crane it to … Continue reading

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It’s your turn. Kids.

According to New York Times, computation performance improved over 43 millions times over the last 15 years (that’s when “Windows 95” came out). A factor of 1,000 can be attributed to hardware improvements and software claims 43,000 times of the … Continue reading

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Where Good Ideas Come From

Steven Johnson’s book is really a historical one, as in the tag line “The Natural History of Innovation.” The premise is that human and nature innovate in striking similar ways. If we accept that, then we can cultivate innovation by … Continue reading

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Dim Sum @ Hong Kong

I heard that Vancouver, B.C., supplanted here as the world capital of Cantonese cuisine. Before a personal verification, Hong Kong remains my favorite place for Dim Sum. This phrase translates to “a little of the heart” or “touching the heart.” … Continue reading

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For years, I have daily Wall Street Journal at my door steps. I hated it when rain soaked throught the plastic wrap and ruined the paper. Calling was not really interesting, since all they could do was extending my subscription … Continue reading

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瘦子不是”原始”的317.但是三十幾年後,高中校友會居然是他辦出來了. 今天,過半的同學都”歸隊”了. 真不容易. 半百後才知道青綠時人就定下來了. 三十五年的沉沉浮浮,過濾掉了當年以為重要的東西. 現在班白的我們,只有心還是當年的輕狂. 台北的高中裏,附中人最傲. 誰都不服,我們是不同層次的,不能用一般的標準來衡量. 高一有小週末,每一班有永遠的班號,體育老師是當年的國手.體育課能力分班,游泳池長50米,操場是標準田徑規格,一年有兩次校級運動賽. 附中有自由的校風,”沒有規定不行,就是可以.規定了不行,就別被抓到”. 總而言之,我們比較cool. 別的附中人不知道,我們317班,的確不同. 幾十年的附中歷史,只有317贏過兩次全校合唱比賽,能出去和那些女校的合唱團一拼高下. (日後,附中又有了女生,還加了音樂班,合唱的層次就不同了.)今天看Glee電視,想當年別班拼籃球,我們練唱.有點同感. 其實幾次回台北,都有路過附中.當然景物全非了,也沒有想進去的動機.南樓的木板地早沒了,夏天的穿堂清風,被高樓擋住了.看那些小女生附中人進進出出,還是不習慣. 最重要的,當然是心裏明白,我的附中是在心頭. 一進了那大門,回憶就被重寫了. 祝福Fatter. 早日康復.

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The mentality of Not-Invented-Here will kill any technology company these days. I was floored with this marketing material from a technology company. I masked out relevant names. This area concerns ownership of the components that comprise a product. The need … Continue reading

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