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I am envious of Panda. They live such good lives. (Pictures by Fred Zlotnick) ChengDu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is essentially a zoo for only two species: Panda and Red Panda. I am, of course, saw many TV … Continue reading

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Do you want to be a millionaire?

The Economist’s January 20th edition had a special report on the gap between the world’s rich and poor. In the article, Credit Suisse estimated that 0.5% of the world population are millionaires (there are 24.2 millions of them): 16% of … Continue reading

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South Lake Union Park

Water views are best contrasted with something: setting sun, big rocks, beaches, skyscrapers, mountains, etc. It is almost always better to look landward, instead of outward, except for sunset. This is why lakes are more beautiful the ocean: there is … Continue reading

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山东建筑大学说,学生自杀校方不负责任。这,真是啼笑皆非。 人死是大事,怎么死和为什么死,都要调查清楚。是谁的责任,谁就得负责。如果学生自杀是校方造成的,它就非负责不可。国家刑法的责任,是签不掉的。生死状有什么用。如果人与人间,真能签生死状。麦儿卖女就合法了,因为父母能代孩子行使法律权力。杀人犯有钱也可以买条命代死。这世界还有什么王法? 奇怪的是堂堂山东建筑大学。居然能拿出这怪招,不像是一方高等学府。现在闹上了China Daily,成了个世界级的笑话。有人要掉乌纱帽了。

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Correlation v. Causation

“You are sick,” said my doctor after the annual physical, about 5 years ago. “You need to start taking this pill for the rest of your life.” “But I don’t feel sick,” I said. The test report high-lighted my cholestrol … Continue reading

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