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What’s common between software engineers and musicians?

This came out of a conversation I had recently, with a software engineer whose wife is a musician. They both express their ideas via instruments that have hardly changed for long time, although frequently tweaked. They both express the creativity … Continue reading

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Election Season

Why is California not governable? Gray Davis exited in disgrace and Arnold really did not do much better. So neither the professional politician nor outsider worked. Is there any hope for either Jerry Brown or Meg Whitman to make this … Continue reading

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Would you be better off next year?

IMF publishes World Economic Outlook twice a year. The latest one was out in October. You need to read only the executive summary and the first table to get the idea. It predicts that the US will have 2.7% growth … Continue reading

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The Fairness Question (I-1098)

Fairness is an opinion frequently disguised with numbers and charts. It is also the most convenient excuse to justify whatever action. I have learned never to enter an argument on whether something is fair or not. No one wins on … Continue reading

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Ice Age v. Global Warming

Fallen Angels Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Michael Flynn 978-0743471817 I nearly forgot about fictions. For so long, my reading queue has been exclusive non-fictions. Anything else got de-prioritized. Kid left this book for me after her visit and it popped … Continue reading

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Pineapple Cake 鳳梨酥

Spoken In Taiwanese (a dialect of Chinese, very similar to those spoken in southern FuJian Province), Pineapple pronounced like On-Lie, very similar to “Fortune is Coming.” The fruit therefore became a symbol for prosperity and a favorite gift. But fresh … Continue reading

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