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Inception Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page Yet another which-reality-are-you-in movie (the best one is still Matrix). The teaser has sufficiently prepared me. The rest of this review will be spoiling. Stop reading if you care. The key idea is that people … Continue reading

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RMB v. Dollar

Do you want RMB to appreciate? Whatever Timothy Geithner said about its effects on the US economy, would that be good for you? (One of my pet peeves is how westerners brutalized the Chinese currency. They say Yu-An, in two … Continue reading

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Americans call them hurricanes. I grew up knowing them as typhoons. About 10 of them come every year. Most of them just brought lots of rain. Once in a while, they wreaked havoc no less than Katrina. Fanapi is a … Continue reading

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Telling Stories

Story: Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting Robert Mckee November 25, 1997978-0060391683 Remember Peter and the Wolf? I loved Sergei Prokofiev’s use of Bassoon; the enjoyment probably came from my ability to identify that unique sound. Most people … Continue reading

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Boardroom Drama

HP board members should stop embarrassing themselves. Jodie Fisher accused Mark Hurd of sexual harassment. She settled with Mark and publicly stated that they never had sexual relationship. Maybe something questionable happened, but it would have fallen into a vast … Continue reading

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“How can you just move?” He was half unbelieving and half accusatory. I found myself searching for an answer. This is a house that I raised the family, had numerous backyard BBQs, poured in tears, sweat and blood, and spent … Continue reading

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