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War on Spam

Greg Linden, an ACM blogger, recently asked if the war on spam has been won. He wrote, Today, e-mail spam appears to be a solved problem. A 2003 study External Link put response rates at 0.005%. A 2008 study External … Continue reading

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傳聞李開復的文章,真是洛陽紙貴.網上流傳不止.Google一下,不難找到轉載. 年輕的被說的心悸,過來人看得心有戚戚焉. 同樣的文章,古今中外,歷史上有了幾千版了.李開復的威力,在他的踏實,明確.(但李本人說這文章不是他寫的.) 幾句: 如果你20歲以後所花的每一分錢還都是伸手向父母親人要來的,那你的滿身名牌就只能襯托出你的無恥. 不要與浪子,文藝青年交往,別和沒心沒肺的人在一起,別和沒有正當職業混日子的人在一起. 說穿了,要務實獨立,不要夢幻痛苦,也別想一步登天. 但真想想,沒有幾個天才20歲就念完書了.基本的大學文憑要22歲.這一代近30才走出校園的,比比皆是.我大慨可以接受把他寫的加個10歲.三十以前,人追求的是應該是理想及愛情.在那追求的過程中,年輕人走過那世世代代都走過的路,才站立成人.沒有那段夢幻痛苦,怎麼破繭成蝶? 人的成長歷程,一定有一段是在找自己.找到後,才可能走下一步.過來人看到下一代的歷程會心疼,”能不能聽話,別去找了,你就在這兒.” 很不幸,每一代都必須過這關. 每一代,都有一群過不了這關. 那就是被時代淘汰掉的一群. 如果自己的孩子在那群裏,當然心疼. 看到明明有天分的被淘汰,也心疼. 那些孩子,只要聽話,就能好好的,多可惜. 其實,不聽話的年輕人,當然淘汰率高.但把人類推到新高的偉人,也是年輕時不聽話的那群. 順其自然吧!

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Enhanced Driver License

When RFID was a in rave, I predicted that one day each of us will carry several on us all the time: in the shoes, glasses, sewed into the clothes, or even implanted into our body as part of some … Continue reading

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The End of an Industry

Barnes and Noble gave us lots of joy when the kids were growing up. Our normal source of books was the library. Each trip meant scarily large book bags filled to the brink each way. Unlike the library, Barnes and … Continue reading

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Self Interest

Didn’t Adam Smith teach us that the other side will pursue their own self interest? For centuries, we designed complicated incentives based on this teaching. The highest form of governance, or business, is to use the invisible hand to direct … Continue reading

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While the world watched the video feed showing oil guzzling out from the bottom of Mexico Gulf, a small pipe bursted near Dailian, a seaport on the north-eastern corner of China. The amount of oil was minuscule compared to the … Continue reading

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The Logic of Life

The Logic of Life: The Rational Economics of an Irrational World Tim Harford February 10, 2009978-0812977875 Free market will drive out bigotry, since prejudice is inferior and will eventually lose to the competition. This is, however, a long-term view. For … Continue reading

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