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900 Miles

7:50am started the journey — myself, Wife, Daughter, Dog, and a Ford Explorer packed to its fullest. GPS leads a path that we have never driven before. Two days prior, two strangers turned my 20+ years four-bedroom house into boxes. … Continue reading

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Last time I was here, it was literally hell. Furious blaze swept through the land and ended all lives in its path. The smoke was so thick that I cannot see the Grand Teton when I stood right in front … Continue reading

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Gordon Ramsey Methodology

There is a method to his madness. I was hooked by Hell’s Kitchen, again, this season. For those non-addicts, Gordon Ramsey is a Michelin Star chef doing a reality show. The winner gets to be the top cook of a … Continue reading

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China’s One-Child Policy

Scott Tong, a family friend, has been Marketplace’s ShangHai chief. As he finishes his 4-year oversea assignment, he gave a series on China’s one-child policy. I cannot match his depth of coverage, but can definitely add some colors. Modern China … Continue reading

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100 Days @ Seattle

Late March was a perfect time to move to Seattle. Winter lingered on and summer was lazy to insist. You can feel the seasons changing. One day it would be damp and cold and the next bright and balmy. I … Continue reading

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