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The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol Dan Brown ISBN-13: 9780385504225 Almost all KungKu fictions, a large genre unknown to westerners, describe how the masters, heroes or villains, acquired their superior skills. The methods are well categorized: some magic elixir, a rare script or … Continue reading

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To China and Infinity

I came to silicon valley in the mid-80s. The valley was buzzing with energy. It took me two weeks to find a job, an entry level software programmer at a start-up company. The bosses talked about the big dream IPO … Continue reading

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Wicked Teal Wicks, Kendra Kassebaum The strategy did not quite work: find a mid-week matinee, take public transportation, enjoy a less attended show. The possibility of rain changed our minds on taking CalTrain. We arrived Orpheum Theater and found a … Continue reading

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Layered Stew

Wife told me this simple recipe when I was left to feed myself in the states. I managed to burn my stew. It was still delicious and sustained me for 3 days until the chef came back. The chef then … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s Old Charm

Different Seasons Stephen King ISBN: 978-0451167538 I have many lost books: those I bought, kept, but never finished. This one holds the record. I bought it on a business trip no less than 20 years ago. I read one of … Continue reading

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ZongZi in November

ZongZi (粽子) is one of my favorite foods. When I was growing up, the best time was ZongZi trading. Each family made its own and traded with friends and neighbors. Mom always put little ribs in hers, instead of boneless … Continue reading

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這麼好的個英雄,死的多麼悽涼. 先病倒,再醉酒自殺. 他是死也不下梁山的. 想想,他好好的在京裏當官. 被逼上梁山. 一肚子深仇大恨,柔情萬丈,英雄武藝,落的個孤零零的醉死. 這也是施耐庵的伏筆了. 招安一定沒個好下場. 一開始,就死個大將. 水滸的悲劇,就此舖開. 少年的我,到了這就不看下去了. 記得我看三國,關公一死,我也就看不下去了一樣. 現在的我,嘆口氣,繼續.

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I always thought desalination and solar power are so naturally tegether. Don’t we see vast salt ponds lining the coast? All of them use solar power to evaporate the water. If we would capture those vapors, we got water. Right? … Continue reading

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