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Little League Baseball

The news shocked the whole island. No one could have believed it. Our kids, the Red Leaf team, did not just win. They won the World Series! That event, in 1969, started the Little League Baseball fever in Taiwan. For … Continue reading

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Canadian Summer

I decided that I like Canada, probably because I always visited in the summer. The sceneries are beautiful and people friendly. English works and stores accept US dollars. Where else can you find wild blossoms with glaciers as backdrop? People … Continue reading

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Office Politics

Wise people not only heed these advices, they have been practicing them for years. You read on for more. I will try to expound on office politics. Not before pointing out an omission: failure to deliver, the top career killer. … Continue reading

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BMI is so unsatisfactory. Imagine you are inside a tube that is exactly the same height. Now imagine this magic tube can re-arrange your body without hurting you. It will contract and re-arrange until there is no more empty space … Continue reading

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小時後讀過幾遍水滸傳,依稀記得林沖,魯志深,武松,宋江. 幾年前在北京買了套田連元的水滸評書. 全套380集,每集半小時,每天上下班,有時聽聽. 轉眼兩年過去,現在聽到宋江打青州. 林沖的柔情,武松的無奈,李逵的直爽,現在的感覺深刻太多了. 從前讀書時沒注意,現在覺得拼命三郎石秀,才是水浒中的真人才. 施耐庵的人物刻畫,佈景描述,歷史批判,是字字入人心. 也真的明白了這書為什麼是四大奇書之一. 人說”男不讀水滸,女不看西廂”. 也有道理,個個都是被逼上梁山,每個都是貪官污吏. 讀了這書,誰還要”功名”呢? 這個”逼”字,貫穿全書. 有點骨氣的人,都能感受那”不得己”的憤怒. 而這些好漢的痛快,也就直接的成了我們的拍案叫好了. 照現在的速度,我還要大半年才能聽完呢. 容後再報.

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Capresé for lunch

Some things are just delicious together: dark chocolate and coffee, robust red wine and juicy steak, cold beer and tortilla chips. Capresé salad represents the perfect trio: tomato, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves. It is almost the simplest dish to … Continue reading

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USA #1

Our national esteem has been low these days. Toyota is the biggest car company, Iran war feels like VietNam war, Chinese and Indians are taking our jobs, Canada has better health care, Koreans make the best online games. What happened … Continue reading

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The Giver

The Giver Lois Lowry ISBN-13: 978-0440237686 It is a Newbery Medal winner, for young adults. Older adults, like myself, will certainly enjoy it as well. With an idea not complicated or sophisticated, Lois Lowry captivate the readers skillfully. I felt … Continue reading

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Summer workouts

First time I squatted, with only the 45-pound rod, my thighs and butts were sore for days. That seriously demoralized me that I am clearly not as fit as I have let myself to believe. Then someone taught me that … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Suit

Even Michael Phelps cannot outswim the suit. The international swimming officials now want to outlaw those hi-tech swim suits so that athletes can compete on their own talents, instead technology or funding. The ideology could be right, but the money … Continue reading

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