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Cash for Clunkers

The Car Allowance Rebate System, also known as the Cash for Clunkers Bill became effective on Monday, July 27th. In a nutshell, you will receive up to $4,500 for your “clunker” when you buy a new car. That clunker will … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Rules on dating

Advised by a smart person, I wrote these dating rules for my older daughter just about time boys start noticing girls. Kid read it and made not comments. A couple of years later, she started dating and offered a revision … Continue reading

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Harry #6

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson David Yates directed This is a compulsory movie-watching. Com’on. I have read all Harry Potter books and watched all movies so far, I am not going to miss … Continue reading

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Chrome OS

Why would any company try to create a new commercial operating system? By the classic definition, an operating system bridges the computing machinery (hardware) and those software (applications) that interact with human beings. The modern day operating systems also serve … Continue reading

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Foreign Talents in the US

I came to this country in 1984 as a graduate student in engineering. I expected to meet and make-friends with many Americans. When I walked into the classroom the first time, I found, except for one, all my fellow classmates … Continue reading

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Madoff’s Billions

Bernie Madoff was the highest paid professional in Wall Street in 1989. Yes, he was beyond rich 20 years ago. He could have a normal wealthy and decadent lifestyle: first class all the way, only the best foods and wines, … Continue reading

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Fed up with California Congress

From now on, I will automatically vote against the incumbent in all legislative races in California. I will continue to do so until they can have a budget by the deadline.

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Live Forever

If you are born in the year of 2044, according to Michael Woods. (An unexpected benefit from sending Kid to a good school is to get to know/hear/read about her friends and professors.) Michael optimistically predicted that him, and others … Continue reading

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Flu of China

The knocking on the door was unexpected and therefore not a good thing. Three people in Hazmat-like protective gears is even a worse sign. He felt perfectly healthy, only jet-lagged. But that passenger, two rows behind him and slept all … Continue reading

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