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I paid good $10 for a flu shot this year. Saturday morning, I woke up to the routine: fed dog, brew coffee, walked dog, came back, and turned on the computer. Hmm, was that a cold sneaking up on me? … Continue reading

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What Happens to Japan?

Jared Diamond pondered on why society chose the path to demise. Biologically, all life forms exist to propagate their genes. If a society, without external interferences, enacted a deed that lead to its extinction, such decision would be highly unnatural. … Continue reading

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Catz on Sun

Safra Catz, Oracle’s President and right-hand person for Larry Ellison, commented on the Sun acquisition, with a slight on Sun’s current management. From New York Times. Sun is a modern technology company that outsources nearly all the manufacturing, assembly and … Continue reading

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Goddesses Linda Nagata “As of Friday, June 15, 2007, SCI FICTION will no longer be availabe on SCIFI.COM. SCIFI.COM would like to thank all those who contributed and those who read the short stories over the past few years.” … Continue reading

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How Big is 1.5TB?

My laptop has a 100GB disk and it is almost full. My own data take about 45GB and Microsoft uses the rest. All my email and their attachment use about 1GB. I am very diligent in pruning email messages. In … Continue reading

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LISA: Where Does Taiwan Go From Here as a Global Outsourcer?

Rebecca sent me this message: In this issue of the Globalization Insider, we delve into the challenges now confronting Greater China and the rest of Asia that are being discussed this week during the LISA Forum Asia in Taipei. There … Continue reading

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iPod Touch

Four years ago, almost to the date, my wait was over. Apple released an iPod Photo that satiated my infatuation. I logged nearly half a million miles in international flights over the next 4 years and would not have survived … Continue reading

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A Roman Holiday

The owner named the restaurant Cecio, a nickname for his wife, the chef. He manages the cashier and the desserts. Two sons, tall and patient, wait the tables. This small restaurant was 70% full at 9:30pm. Their private-labeled house red … Continue reading

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