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It makes you stronger

In the movie Princess Bride, Westley took an ever-increase dose of poison over a long period of time to build up his resistance, part of his herculean effort to rescue the princess. A recent Darwinian award winner tried the same … Continue reading

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The Original One

Dracula Bram Stoker in 1897 Penguin Classic; 1REV edition (Feb 25 2003) ISBN: 0-14-143984-X Dracula Francis Ford Coppola, in 1992 Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins Vampire stories attract and haunt me. I did not see the movie in theater … Continue reading

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The Cantor Art Center’s collection of Rodin bronzes is the largest in the world outside Paris, second only to the Musee Rodin. More than 50 works by Rodin are on view inside the Center, mostly cast bronze, but also works … Continue reading

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Farm Life

ShanHui invited us to visit Susan, a friend from my OM coaching days, for old time’s sake. We embarked their minivan and began the journey. As we drove closer, the tense filled the car. They wanted to tell us everything … Continue reading

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Bronze Sculptures of YuanMing Yuan

For 150 years, Qing Dynasty’s emperors poured money, hearts, and talents into YuanMing Yuan (圓明園). By 1860, it became the most extravagant garden that ever existed. China, for all practical purposes, was the wealthiest and dominant country in the world … Continue reading

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(Another) End of an Era

It is a gadget worthy of every nerdy bits of me. I read the manual, practiced, and familiarized myself with all built-in functions and every details. There was no WWW then. I actually researched, not just searched, the programming tips. … Continue reading

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Texas Foods

In a minivan that was carrying 5, two were impossibly addicted to iPhone data services. They both provided additional navigational assistance to the driver, who made sure the rental car was equipped with a Magellan “Never Lost.” They also competed, … Continue reading

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