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10 Years of Java

Hello World(s) — From Code to Culture: A 10 Year Celebration of Java Technology Sun Microsystems Inc. ISBN: 0-13-188867-6 Kid picked from my pile from weekend’s garage clean-up project and blogged about it. It jerked back so much memory, bitter … Continue reading

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Insight and Strategy

In the formative years of my managerial career, I ate books to facilate growth. It became a habit. Later, I would pick up books from airports or lists from New York Times or Wall Street Journal. For years, managerial books … Continue reading

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Turning around for 22 millions people

According to The Economist, Taiwan forecast 2009 GDP to shrink by 3.5%. Across the strait, China predicted a much reduced growth of 6%, highest on the chart, seconded by India’s 5%. The media has been fixated on the trial of … Continue reading

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On Writing

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft Stephen King ISBN-13: 978-0743455961 Publisher: Pocket (July 1, 2002) I was a big fan: Salem’s Lot, Cujo, The Dead Zone, Firestarter, Tommy Knockers, Pet Sematary, The Shining. Then I stopped reading Stephen King. … Continue reading

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RIF vs. Global Engineering

The economy is bad. Your company considers a reduction-in-force (RIF). Geographically, how to do it? Sort sale regions by anticipated rebound speed. Infra-structure and employees spin up slowly. If a company’s capacity is not ready, it will miss the rebound, … Continue reading

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别急着找工!东家把你给裁了,依法有遣散费,总有几个月的钱。先定下心,想想。谋定而后动。 想不想创业?农牧,医疗,教育.这三块大有前途.你有没有个独到的先机(每个人都有,要去想). 不知道?没关系.够年轻的话,考虑去念个书.国外的最好,国内的也行. 还是要找活?可以。简历写的好吗?这事要花点时间,少则4小时,多则一两天。不要第一个offer就收,想好自己要做什么,老板如何,能学到什么?钱是小,前途是大。 Good luck.

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Beijing Chestnuts

A Beijing friend visited us yesterday. She brought two bags of roasted chestnuts. We celebrated. Traditionally, chestnuts are roasted in a bed of hot sands, coarse, more like fine gravels. Vendors mix sugar and sands into a roasting pan and … Continue reading

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$100 for Everyone

Taiwan, that small island of 22 million people, issued about US$100 for every citizens: man, woman, child, baby. If you exist on the government’s census record (that is kept pretty much up-to-date all the time), you get $100. Not cash, … Continue reading

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“Sin-Yaw, I won the lottery!” She sat down across my desk. “I had a 2nd on my house and went refinancing for a lower rate. The bank said it was too risky and just wrote it off.” “YOU? Got the … Continue reading

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